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International Conference of the Corpus of Baroque Ceiling Painting in Germany: October 5-9, 2022

Baroque Ceiling Painting and the Accompanying Media of Representation - Perspectives of Production and Reception

Ceiling painting in the 17th century, in conjunction with architecture, became probably the most important medium of dynastic, princely, and ecclesiastical representation in the whole Central European area. Its main purpose and content is the visual demonstration of status, power, and prestige, but also the belonging, taste, and sophistication of its patrons. In the profane sphere, their place is the residence of a territorial lord: the prince's castle, the great hall, the representation or staterooms. In the sacred realm, the church room itself serves as the surface in the first place, which in turn is often finely subdivided.

The conference aims to explore the medial contexts of European ceiling painting between about 1550 and 1800 in the context of project conception, planning, and execution, as well as in post-project reception. Using case studies, it examines how Baroque ceiling painting is integrated into the accompanying and reproductive visual and textual media, and what role these play in its validity and mode of action.

The event is conceived and hosted by:

Hubert Locher (Director DDK; Head of Arbeitsstelle Marburg)
Stephan Hoppe (LMU, Institute for KG, overall project manager CbDD)
Matteo Burioni (LMU; Institute for KG; Project Coordinator and Head of the Munich Office)
The International Conference will take place within the framework of the "Corpus of Baroque Ceiling Painting in Germany", a project within the Academies Program of the Union of German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, funded by the Federal Government and the States of Bavaria and Hesse, located at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Registration (until September 30, 2022) and contact:

Jasmin Kruse (research associate and coordinator of the CbDD's Marburg office).
Tel.: +49-6421-28-23325

Venue: Landgrafensaal, Hessian State Archives Marburg
Friedrichsplatz 15 | 35037 Marburg