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Corpus der barocken Deckenmalerei
in Deutschland (CbDD)



Date: 5.–7.10.2016

Location: Institut für Kunstgeschichte der LMU München, Zentnerstraße 31

October 5–7, 2016, the Academy-Project "Corpus of Baroque Ceiling Painting in Germany" (CbDD) in cooperation with „The Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting in Central Europe“ (BCPCE) held an international workshop on "Current Research on baroque Celiing Painting". The conference and field trips were generously funded by the "Bavarian Academy for Sciences and the Humanities" and hosted by the "Institute of Art History" of the LMU, which could welcome an international cast of specialist from all over Europe.

The workshop, which included the annual meeting of the BCPCE, had invited members and experts and researchers from abroad, who focus on painted interior and exterior decorations in sacred and profane settings from the 16th to the 18th century, and the devote their research to the documentation and interpretation of mural painting in Central Europe and beyond. In twelve short presentations, the participants from Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and The Netherlandspresented and discussed the results, aims and goals of past, present and future research projects.

The discussions showed manifold relations and crossreferences amongs the projects, new points of departure and common goals and questions within this particular field of research and an outlook into new topics for future research, like for example the relation between mural painting and architecture. 

The followjg excursions and field trips in and around Munich offered the participants a rich selection of mural painting in sacred and profane spaces from the 16th to the 18th century. In Ingolstadt, Grünau, Neuburg, Bergen und Leitheim Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoppe (LMU Munich, Projec director of the CbDD) and Dr. Angelika Dreyer (researcher, CbDD) gave insights into the architecture and interior decoration of monuments built, used and decorated for different purposes: a hunting lodge, a residential palace and chapel, a confraternity building, a pilgrimage church, and a summer residence. The specific implications and references of these mural paintings were intensely discussed within their European context of mural painting in Europe. A highlight and grand finale of the tour in Munich was the viist to the Asam Church and the former former Church of the Brotherhood and Order of St. Michael in Berg am Laim, whose only recently finished restoration of the interior gave the members of the research group and participants of the workshop a vivid impression of a Rococo decoration in Southern Germany.

Katrina Weißer


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Wed., October 5, 2016

14–19 h Roundtable:

  • Welcome of the participants by Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoppe, LMU & CbDD 
  • Commemoration of Professor Frank Büttner †
  • Presentation of research projects by members of the Research Group and guests:
    • Martin Mádl (Prague): Between Center und Periphery. Current research into baroque ceiling painting in Bohemia 
    • Barbara Murovec (Ljubljana): Corpus der barocken Deckenmalerei in der Steiermark – Ausgangspunkte und Methoden zum Erforschen der Objekte in beiden Ländern (Österreich, Slowenien)
    • Werner Telesko/Herbert Karner (Wien): COST Network: "Habsburg Representation in Europa (1452–1918)" und BCPCE
    • János Jernyei-Kiss (Budapest): Das Forschungsprogramm "Barocke Deckenmalerei in Ungarn" - Ergebnisse und Perspektiven
    • Barbara Balážová (Bratislava): Recent publications on Baroque ceiling painting in Slovakia and the future research strategies
    • Richard Biegel (Prag): Barock in Böhmen: Beziehungen zwischen Architektur und Ausstattung im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert

    Coffee Break

    • Ute Engel (Munich): The new Research Project Corpus of Baroque Ceiling Painting in Germany
    • Margriet van Eikema Hommes (Delft): From Isolation to Coherence: A five year interdisciplinary research project on Dutch painting ensembles from the 17th and 18th centuries.
    • Richard Harmanni (Amsterdam): Cataloging decorative paintings in the Netherlands (c. 1600-1940).
    • Marion Romberg (Wien): Eine Online-Datenbank zum Thema „Erdteilallegorien"
    • Guido Hinterkeuser (Berlin): Zur Ausstattung von Schlössern in Berlin und Brandenburg
    • François Marandet (London): French Mural Painting in Germany in the early 18th century: the story of a quick rise and decline

    Coffee Break

    • Election of a new president and the secretary of the Research Group
    • Cooperation of the BCPCE and other Research Groups on Mural Painting in Europe
    • Blog of the BCPCE Research Group, Web, Facebook, Twitter (CbDD)
    • Preparation of a conference for 2017/2018

    Frid./Sat., October 6/7, 2016: 

    Excursions to: Ingolstadt, Grünau, Neuburg/Donau, Bergen, Leitheim, Munich (Asamkirche, Dreifaltigkeitskirche, St. Michael/Berg am Laim).

Participants: Bernard Jan Hendrik Aikema (Verona); Barbara Balážová (Bratislava); Richard Biegel (Prag); Angelika Dreyer (München); Margriet van Eikema Hommes (Amsterdam); Ute Engel (München); Doris Gerstl (Erlangen); Andrea Gottdang (Salzburg); Richard Harmanni (Amsterdam); Guido Hinterkeuser (Berlin); Wiebke Hoffmann (Marburg); Stephan Hoppe (München); Franziska Kaiser (München); Herbert Karner (Wien); János Jernyei-Kiss (Budapest); Gábor Gaylhoffer-Kovács (Budapest); Heiko Laß (München); Martin Mádl (Prag); François Marandet (London); Barbara Murovec (Ljubljana); Christina Oertel-Pohl (München/Berlin); Marion Romberg (Wien); Ulrike Seeger (Stuttgart); Szabolcs Serfözö (Budapest); Daniela Štěrbová (Prag); Werner Telesko (Wien); Susan Tipton (München); Katrina Weißer (München).